Grade Your Resume

Get instant feeback on your resume over 22 key areas
Our team has spent thousands of hours manually painstakingly helping thousands of nurses one by one improve their resumes so that they can increased their chances of getting hired. We’ve distilled our knowledge into a sophisticated algorithm that can give your resume a grade. You’ll immediately get smart, actionable feedback on your resume over 22 key areas based on all the learnings we’ve accumulated over the years.
"Just letting you know I got the position in L&D! I really couldn’t have done it without all your help and advice!! Thank you so much!” - Paige RN, BSN
"I GOT THE JOB! THANK YOU DAN!! Your help has been invaluable to me and I know that's a big reason why I was able to accept a position in a tele department!” - Alex RN, BSN.
“When I listened to the voicemail from the recruiter I immediately began crying when the guy said "I'm calling with some exciting news”. I cannot thank you enough for all your help!! I'm working on writing a testimonial for your site. Please don't stop what you are doing!!! It is largely because of your help that I got 2 offers for the NICU !!! You are investing in others dreams... I would have paid to have someone as knowledgable and compassionate as you to help me through this grueling process.” - Summer S. RN, BSN.

About Us

We are a team of Nurses, Doctors, Technologists and Executives dedicated to help nurses find jobs that they love.

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